About Rocky Mountain Westy and the D.I.Y. Kit:

The Rocky Mountain Westy Subaru conversion kit sets itself apart from other conversion kits by being the manufacturer of 95% of our parts. We have the ability, and are currently making the most complete kit available. With the tools, knowledge, and technical capabilities, RMW makes your Subaru install easier than our competitors. With our sixty page D.I.Y. manual that includes step by step instructions and images dealing with installation procedures, you can successfully install a Subaru engine in your Vanagon, which will give you more power, more reliability, and ease of maintenance to continue to use your Vanagon with confidence.

Our Subaru harness modifications are done in house and tested provided you send the ECU, main relay and fuel pump relay attached to the donor harness. With the information provided by the customer and verification of the VIN #, we modify the harness to work with your specific make/model engine. You are provided with the factory Subaru wiring diagram and a connection sheet pertaining to your combination of Subaru to VW when it returns. The VW Vanagon Bentley manual is an invaluable tool in dealing with the conversion and understanding your van, so you are encouraged to acquire this manual. There are a handful of connections you need to make to the VW from the Subaru harness which is returned to you. If you have a 1986 or later van you will have a white 7 pin connector housed in the junction box in the engine bay in which these connections are made. On earlier vans this connector did not exist, however, the connections are similar to the individual wires housed in the same location. The wiring part of the conversion intimidates many D.I.Y. customers, but rest assured RMW goes to great lengths to ensure it is as easy as possible to make the necessary connections. RMW also has tech support to help you through any complications you may encounter and we are here to help you through the conversion process with any questions or concerns. We are here to help M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM