In House Conversions:

You can benefit from an in-house conversion for many reasons. If you do not have the time and space, mechanical ability, or simply want it done by professionals to ensure your conversion is done correctly and professionally, then we encourage you to speak with an RMW representative to discuss your van. RMW is very familiar with their parts, and very aware of the little details pertaining to the conversion process. Our many years of combined experience and technical ability make our installs some of the most thorough and complete conversions available. With unprecedented attention to detail, we make certain your conversion not only looks good, but it functions and performs just as well.

Before any work is started on your van, you are provided with a complimentary full vehicle inspection. This list of items covers a wide assortment of items on your van from camp interior functions to exterior mechanical components. We test drive your van to listen and feel for any apparent abnormalities before bringing it into the shop to further the inspection on a vehicle lift. This allows us to closely inspect the components under your van that may not have been assessed in some time. This process also helps RMW and the customer understand the current health of the van before starting on your project. This procedure gives the customer the opportunity to have other things addressed if desired and also allows RMW to assess the condition the van arrived in.