If you choose a 2.5 liter Subaru conversion, you receive a rebuilt short block which was acquired directly from Subaru. The cylinder heads that accompany this short block have been professionally reconditioned from a reputable machine shop. The heads were resurfaced within specification and the valves have either been replaced or lapped with the addition of new valve seals on both the intake and exhaust valves.

If you purchased a 2.2 liter Subaru engine, it was rebuilt from the same reputable machine shop that reconditions the heads for our 2.5 liter engines. The 2.2 liter is not available directly through Subaru anymore so good condition 2.2 core engines are acquired and rebuilt using the same new components that the 2.5 liter engine is rebuilt with.

Rocky Mountain Westy acquires many donor vehicles from a variety of sources. These donor vehicles contain the necessary components to accompany the actual block and cylinder heads that are rebuilt when we install these conversions. These used components consist of the top half of the engine including intake accessories with fuel injection parts, engine and emissions sensors, engine electrical components, ventilation valves, and intake harness as well as some other components. Some of these upper engine parts are not available new and cannot be offered to the customer as such; therefore it is necessary to reuse these components on a rebuild. Rocky Mountain Westy does go a step further in the process of trying to eliminate any issues caused by parts that commonly fail or become an issue due to mileage and/or age by installing certain parts and sensors new as a standard, non-optional feature when offering rebuilds.

In addition to the engine and engine components that are replaced when in-house conversions are installed you receive a new throttle cable, reversed coolant manifold, coolant expansion tank with  bracket, heater hoses surrounding the engine and connecting to the VW existing lines, air intake and  re-usable cone air filter, stainless steel thermostat pipe, engine carrier bar, transmission adapter plate, heat shield to protect the timing cover from the hot exhaust and a completely custom stainless exhaust system with catalytic converter, muffler and tail pipe. You receive all necessary brackets, mounting hardware and gaskets as well. In-house conversions also include a new clutch with release bearing, tach modification and coolant gauge modification.