At Rocky Mountain Westy, we never sit back and rest on our laurels. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and modify our product lines. One result is the newest iteration of the dipstick tube for the Rocky Mountain Westy shortened oil pan. If your tube is leaking or your dipstick has become difficult to insert or remove it may be time to upgrade your set up. Some Subaru motors are notorious for greater than normal crankcase pressure so we've heard reports of dipsticks being pushed out of the tube. This may be your solution.

This model is for oil pans manufactured after 2018 when RMW made a design change to the pan itself. Check to verify whether the pan has a 45-degree raised protrusion in the location that your dipstick tube enters the pan. If so, this is the tube for you. If your pan has a horizontal outlet you will need our dipstick tube for the early pan which you can find by clicking here.