You've done your research and you've chosen the safety and reliability of the Propex heater to keep your vehicle toasty.  You've come to our website to purchase and -- What's this? -- we're currently out of stock of the model you're looking for.  We work closely with Propex UK to manage stock levels in the United States marketplace.  Unfortunately, there are occasional delays in shipments and we may be temporarily out of stock at our Fort Collins, Colorado warehouse. 

We usually do not have an ETA on incoming Propex shipments from the UK as we normally receive a steady stream of heaters.  Occasionally a shipment is delayed in transit long enough that the next shipment overtakes it and arrives first.  That's just part of the vagaries of the international supply chain.  Hence, we usually don't have a specific ETA  

You can sign up to be notified by email  on the product page for our website.  Simply navigate to the page of the item you wish to purchase and click the 'email me when back in stock' link.  Enter your email address and --Voila! -- you'll receive an email the moment the product is back in stock.  Easy right?