One of the most commonly asked questions here at PropexUSA is: which model Propex do I need?  When sizing your Propex there are as many considerations to take into account as there are individual installations.  How big is the vehicle space you're trying to heat?  How well insulated?  What kind of a user are you:  casual camper in warm climate or hardcore winter backcountry enthusiast?  You must go through all aspects of your build when considering your heat source.

That said, let's break the heaters down into "typical" installations:

HS2000:  At 6500 BTU's this heater is great for small to medium vehicle applications, such as the VW Westfalia, the Ford Transit Connect and the Nissan NV200.  We've also help our customers install these in slide-on truck campers, small to medium camp trailers and offroad adventure trailers.  Vehicles with popup canvas roofs might want to consider upsizing to the HS2800 as some customers have reported that the fabric allows enough heat to escape that the HS2000 heater cycles through the night when camping in cool weather with the top raised.

HS2800:  This heater puts out 9500 BTU's and is suitable for medium to larger installs such as the Sprinter, Promaster and Ford Transit.  The larger volume of interior space requires a larger heat output and the HS2800 is up for the job.  Drawing only .5 amp/hr more than the HS2000, the 46% greater heat output comes at only a slight cost in battery power.

HS2211:  This unique heater is essentially an all-weather version of the HS2000.  It is designed to mount under the floor of the vehicle with the heated air passing through ducting to enter.  While this does save some interior space, you do need to cut significantly larger holes in your vehicle floor to accommodate the ducting.  We see these heaters being installed on smaller vehicles and teardrop trailers that are space limited.  The heater puts out 6500 BTU's and draws 1.4 Amp/hr just like the HS2000.

When considering which heater is right for you, think about the most extreme environment you'll be using the heater in and size from there.  We sometimes have customers whose winter adventures get more extreme and end up upsizing to the HS2800 down the road.  It will pay dividends in the long run to consider your intended use carefully.